Note: This page provides links to useful websites that might be helpful when researching Arizona tax liens. This is not a complete listing of information required to perform adequate due diligence when researching tax liens. These listings are provided for convenience only, and AZTLS makes no representations regarding the accuracy or completeness of any information here or on any of the pages to which these links refer.

County Research Resource Description
General Statewide Arizona Dept of Environmental Quality Data Includes info on known and remediated environmental issues throughout Arizona.
General Statewide Arizona Newspapers Association Arizona Newspapers Association delinquent tax public notices page shows the publications and publication dates, by county, for auction tax lien lists.
General Statewide Arizona Corporation Commission Searches the list of Arizona corporations and returns information such as address, statutory agent, manager/member and other info.
General Statewide Arizona Secretary of State Search for partnership information by filing number, registered name or agent name.
General Statewide Arizona Revised Statutes Arizona Revised Statutes online
General Statewide FDIC Failed Bank List Lists banks in receivership with the FDIC. FDIC must grant permission to foreclosure on a property held by a bank in FDIC receivership.
General Statewide PACER Case Locator Access to US court filings, including bankruptcy cases
General Statewide ANA Public Notice Search Arizona Newspaper Association's web site for searching public notices.
General Statewide US Bankruptcy Court, District of Arizona US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Arizona
General Statewide Arizona Judicial Branch Public Access Public access to AZ court case info from AZ Judicial Branch